Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, introduced its scholarship program in many countries including India in the year of 1983 with a view to promote professional education in Muslim community. This emerged as the main source of our programs.

To qualify for scholarships, students should meet the following requirements

  • Have completed 10+2 course with good grades in major subjects and language of instruction.
  • Have secured admission in the current academic year in a recognized University.
  • Are not currently in receipt of any other scholarship.
  • Are committed to serve their community after graduation.
  • Accept the scholarship program conditions and sign the IsDB Bond.

Approved areas of study under the program:

Bachelor's Degree Courses in Medicine (including Ayurveda,  Unani  & Homeopathy) Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Physiotherapy, Nursing,  Bio-Technology and Microbiology, Engineering (all branches) Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Food Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law (integrated courses).

How to complete the Application Forms:

Application must be in typed form or written clearly in block letters and  Two sets be submitted with all supporting documents.

  1. All information must be provided in English. Please attach certified translation of any document not in English
  2. All information requested must be provided / otherwise processing of the application may be delayed or may not be processed.
  3. Indicate your State of Domicile: viz Assam, Bihar, Tamil Nadu etc on the the top of the Application Form


The IsDB Scholarship Program is more than just a scholarship program in the traditional sense,  apart from financial assistance to the needy and qualified students, its also a tool for the improvement of the social and economic conditions of the minorities and backward people. It is a scholarship program and a community development program at the same time, since the scholarship is given as an interest-free loan (qardh-e-hasana) to the students but is a grant to the community in the shape of its refunds.

Besides, the students are also required to take part in the development of their community through their respective profession. The repaid fund is recycled, to provide scholarships for other deserving students, to complement the IsDB Scholarship Program and to ensure continuity of the Program in the long run, while the community development services rendered by the students will contribute to the overall development of the community and the country.