The MET refundable financial assistance is more than just a scholarship in the traditional sense. It is, in reality, a tool for the improvement of the social and economic condition of the deprived people in particular and the Nation as a whole in general.

Selected candidates are encouraged to obtain admission in premier institutes/coaching centers in order to groom them properly to become capable of competing successfully at the Civil Services Examinations conducted by U.P.S.C. or State Public Service Commissions or obtaining higher professional education at the institutes of repute. These candidates are provided guidance and care in order to help them to prepare properly for the Preliminary, Mains, and Interview for Personality Test conducted by the U.P.S.C. or State Public Service Commissions. Deserving candidates preparing for or pursuing higher professional courses are also assisted financially. Girls are given preference in order of merit.

The Awardees are expected to take part in the development of the Community through their respective professions. The repaid fund is recycled to provide scholarships to other deserving candidates to complement the MET Scholarship Programme and to ensure continuity of the Programme in the long run. The community development services rendered by the awardees will contribute to the overall development of the Community and the Nation.